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All about laminate

  • Laminate flooring consists of a fiber core body with a photogenic print layer and a clear top coating, a good thickness of a core is 8 or 9mm thick
  • It offers improved durability, easier maintenance and affordability compared to other types of hard surface floors
  • Extremely resistant to wear, stains and sunlight fading

Is laminate flooring different today than it was 20 years ago?

Yes! The technology has dramatically improved over recent years. Extra features like beveled edges, plank sizes and authentic graining you can see and feel make it look natural like real hardwood. Today you can select from a wide range of wood looks in planks or in laminate tiles with slate and grouted tile looks.

How is laminate installed?

One of the most attracting features of laminate is the installation with a tongue and groove interlocking system. It is floated (meaning it's not attached to the subfloor) and if a board ever gets damaged you can replace it a lot easier than with hardwood nailed to the floor. You install laminate over an 1/8" cushion or pad that helps with wear and muffling the sound.

Where can laminate flooring be installed?

Laminate Flooring can be installed in almost any type of room whether it is below, above, or on grade. Floating laminate floors can be installed over wood flooring, concrete, linoleum, tile, or almost any hard, flat surface, but not on carpet and not over another floating surface. Laminate flooring is not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms, saunas, and so on.

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